Areas of anchorage in Mallorca

21 de May de 2018 Categories: Discover Majorca

The extensive coast of Mallorca offers the possibility for all the people to enjoy around 150 beaches and coves. From wide beaches of white sand, as it is “es Trenc”, “es Carbó”, or the bays of Alcudia and Pollença, to small and hidden rocky coves, mainly on the north and east coast. This geography offers many possibilities of anchoring in a large number of sites, totally different, that will allow you to enjoy the island in a unique way. In many cases, we can find ourselves anchored in completely virgin places, surrounded by steep cliffs or in the middle of large dunes.

Anchoring in any of these wonderful enclaves, being able to swim and enjoy the crystal-clear waters, is one of the greatest pleasures offered by our Island.

In recent years, the pressure on the coast of Mallorca has increased exponentially, due to the large arrival of visitors, especially during the summer months. The “posidonia” meadows (Mediterranean tape weed) are the main community of the Mediterranean coast due to their high levels of productivity, high biodiversity and importance in the protection and stability of the coastline. Due to these factors, the meadows are an ecosystem of vital importance in the marine life of the coast. In addition, this ecosystem has the ability to change the environmental conditions where they are, contributing to the purification of water, oxygenating it and being the habitat of numerous species of animals and other plants that make up the “Posidonia” community.

Due to the great importance of this ecosystem for the marine life, and together with the high pressure that they are suffering as a result of the great increase in the anchorage of boats, the Ministry of Environment of the Balearic Government, alerted about the great pressure and deterioration that has suffered in recent times on this natural heritage, as well as the need to conserve them, has developed together with other maritime bodies, a project to protect these “posidonia” meadows.

One of the main actions taken by this project was the installation of 1,125 mooring points in different funding areas and the management of these areas.

The main objective to be achieved with this project is to guarantee the survival and viability of these habitats with so much biological wealth, and to make both visitors and the local population aware of the importance it has for biodiversity and the conservation of our coast, as we know it, the protection of these meadows. The main threats to these habitats are overexploitation, invasion of exotic species and uncontrolled public use.

This project has defined 9 SCI areas (places of Community importance), these places have become regulated anchor areas. This means that in these areas it will be obligatory to anchor only in the installed buoys, mainly to avoid that the anchors of the ships that anchored previously stop damaging the different “Posidonia” meadows that live there.

In this project, 3 different anchorage areas are established:

  • Free anchorage: area where we can anchor freely, always taking into account safety regulations.
  • Bounded regulated with buoys: area where we will find buoys enabled for anchoring. The colour of the buoy will differentiate the type of boat that can anchor in each one depending on its length.
    • Red Buoys: for boats less than 8 meters length.
    • White Buoys: for boats from 8 to 15 meters length.
    • Yellow Buoys: for boats from 15 to 25 meters length.
    • Green Buoys: for boats from 25 to 35 meters length.
  • Restricted anchoring: areas of extensive meadows of “posidonia” where we can only anchor in adjacent sandy bottoms, and it will be totally forbidden to anchor in this area.

Where to anchorage

In Mallorca you have the possibility of anchoring in any protected cove of rock or long beach of white sand, respecting the restrictions area, depending on where we are. Sailing around the coast of Mallorca and being able to anchor anywhere, with the amount of virgin beaches and coves, is one of the best experiences we can have in our vacations.

What are the best beaches or coves to anchor in Mallorca?

In the eastern and northern Mallorcan coast, there is a great variety of rocky coves with crystal clear water, well sheltered that will allow us to anchor without any problem, we can also find long white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, mainly in the south, south west, and the bays of Alcudia and Pollença. The most emblematic and representative coves and beaches that we can find are:

  • Cala Mitjana

    It is a cove located between Portocolom and Cala d’Or, with crystal clear water and very sheltered. That will allow us to anchor easily.

  • Caló des Moro

    It is a cove of sand and rock, near Cala Figuera. It is one of the most emblematic coves in the area for its beauty.

  • Cala Varques

    Cala Varques is a cove located near Portocristo. It is a cove of sand and crystal-clear water, with a large influx of boats in the summer months. It has a sandy bottom that gives a turquoise colour to its waters.

  • S’arenalet des Verger

    It is a beach located in the municipality of Artà. It is an idyllic beach with white sand and crystal-clear waters, with views of the cliffs of the northern area.

  • Cala Deià

    It is an idyllic cove, located near Deià, in the middle of the Northern coast. It is a rocky cove, surrounded by cliffs. It is a good place to practice snorkelling.

  • Sa Calobra

    This idyllic cove completely of rock that is in the middle of towering cliffs, that give it a unique atmosphere. Is the most representative and visited cove of the Island.

  • Es Trenc

    This kilometric white sandy beach, located in the middle of a large sandy area, near the port of Sa Rapita. It’s sandy bottom gives a waters a unique turquoise colour. Is one of the most popular beach of Mallorca.