Places to Visit

26 de February de 2018 Categories: Discover Majorca

Confianza Yachting is located on the breath-taking and wonderful harbour of Portocolom, one of the most fantastic harbours in the Balearic Islands. We want you to get the most out of Mallorca during your trip here so we have combined a list of amazing places to visit by boat.

As we are situated in the middle of the East coast, there are many stunning places to visit in and around Mallorca. From our location, you will be able to enjoy a vast number of different beaches, small bays and harbours during your holiday. This perfect location boasts long, seemingly endless beaches of white sand with incredible views of Cabrera, located on the south of the island. You will also be able to see our range of small bays with crystalline water, some of which you can visit by boat.

Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana is a beautiful sea cove, 15 minutes south of Portocolom. The area is tricky to see at first because it is surrounded by rocks, however when you do see it – it is breathtaking. First thing you will see is the gorgeous house overlooking the rocks, but the most stunning aspect of the area is the marvellous watercolour. The location is a very peaceful place to spend a day relaxing.

Cala Mondragó / S′Amarador

Cala Mondragó is the most important natural park of the east coast, it is composed by two breath-taking beaches. It′s a good place to spend time with all the family as both beaches have bars and activities such as snorkelling.

Caló des Moro / Cala S′almunia

Caló des Moro is a small cove surrounded by cliffs, crystal clear water and is located about 15 minutes south of Cala Mondragó. This location has gained lots of attention over recent years – so get here early to get a spot on the sandy beach! You can also visit Cala S’Almunia located 500m to the south, is also a very emblematic enclave by fishermen’s houses built there.

Cala Màrmols

Caló des Màrmols is about 15 minutes from Calo des Moro and about 40 minutes from Porto Colom, the last cove on the east coast. The name was inspired by the white sand and rocks that surround it. The clean and transparent water with a sandy floor is between three and four metres deep. The location is full of character with a stunning beach between cliffs that are 20 meters high which are exposed to winds from the east-southeast. With beautiful views of the archipelago of Cabrera – this is a perfect destination.

National Park of Cabrera

Cabrera is an island surrounded by smaller islands, only 6 miles south of Mallorca. The national park is the biggest biodiversity area of Baleares. Here, you can have at tour where you will enjoy the rock coast and beautiful beaches of crystalline water, where you can practice snorkelling.  At the left side of the harbour, we find “sa cova blava”( the blue cave), which gets this name due to the light effect created down the water producing an intense and electric blue colour, you can will swim and practice snorkel as well. Plus it is a perfect place to make a tour with the family and enjoy a fantastic day.

Es Carbó

Es Carbo is a wide beach of white sand with areas of algae. In summer could be a little bit too busy but at the same time is very peaceful due to his big spaciousness. The water is a beautiful turquoise shade and has a perfect view of Cabrera. If you take your own boat here, be careful to drop your anchor as the sea if only a few metres deep. This area is a perfect place to spend a relaxed day in a paradisiacal beach.

Es Trenc

Es Trenc is one of the most representative and famous area of Mallorca, because of the fine white sand, crystalline water and the stunning sand dunes. The sea is low in depth beach 3km long, little bit busy in summer, however, is a perfect place to play beach sports and spend time with the family. This area also boasts extraordinary views of Cabrera island.

Cala Barques

Cala Barques is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of The East coast, around 30 min to the north of Portocolom. The wide entrance is completely composed of sand which leads to stunning turquoise water. On the rocky wall of the right side, there is a popular cave to practice snorkelling. In the summer, there are many visitors so take extra precaution when dropping the anchor. This is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day on one of the best beaches of Mallorca.