Tips for renting a boat

16 de May de 2018 Categories: Itineraries

Some time ago, it was common for people to be interested in buying a boat to enjoy sailing in the sea, mainly in summer, with family or friends.

In recent years, the rent of boats is imposing strongly, on people who want to have a boat owned, and there are many compelling reasons that support this position.

The main problem faced by people who want to buy a boat, is the economic aspect, and not only the price of the boat that we were interested, but, all the maintenance cost that we will have to face, each season they want to have the boat in the water, as they are basically:

  • Price of mooring, which normally increases with the years due to the high demand, especially in marinas.
  • Insurance of the boat, which will depend on the type of boat, and the area where it is shipped.
  • Maintenance. That basically depends on the type of boat, which will increase as the years pass, when the boat needs more care to have it in an optimal state.

For all these reasons that make users reluctant to acquire a boat, adding the time you have to dedicate and the headaches that can cause us. Why buy a boat or sailboat, with all the expenses and various problems that entails have a boat owned, when you can take advantage of the great offer that there is, where you can rent any type of boat fully equipped without having all the concerns mentioned above? Thanks to the boat rental you can have the boat you have always dreamed of, at any time of the year, to enjoy the sun and the sea breeze in any area of ​​our wonderful coasts.

The Balearic Islands are an ideal area to sail throughout the year, you can perfectly find winter days with more than 20 ºC, and the sea in perfect conditions, so there is no reason to think that when the summer is over, no longer there are possibilities to rent a boat and spend some fabulous days, with the advantage of the peacefulness on the beaches and coves that you breathe, outside of the summer season.

Where to rent the indicated boat

The first step is to choose the type of boat that best suits our needs. You have the possibility of renting small boats without a license, for people who do not have a degree, motor boats of greater length, depending on the people that are going to embark and the areas that we plan to visit.

If you plan to spend a long time on the boat, you also have the different options of renting motor boats, or sailing boats, depending on the budget we have and the navigation that interests us.

The second step to rent the indicated boat is to choose a rental company to plan your vacation, with a boat or sailboat that you prefer and whose price suits your needs. Thanks to the great offer in the world of rental, right now you can find almost any model and type of boat. The main thing is to contact a reputable company, known, that has good references, with years of experience in the sector. The most important thing is to have a modern and safe fleet, with boats in good condition and that have had a good maintenance during the winter. As well as a competitive staff that knows how to solve any unforeseen situation at the moment. You can also book your boat through the agencies, which usually have many destinations and different offers. The problem is that they can’t make recommendations to the client about the different types of boats since they do not know them in detail and can’t intervene or help in any way with urgency if any problem arises during the charter, due to weather or technical problems.

The main thing is to opt for those companies that rent boats from well-known manufacturers, where you can check in advance the type of boat you are going to rent, and distrust abnormally low prices for boats you have never heard of, then choose the most appropriate boat depending on the number of passengers. It is important to be certain that the company in charge of offering this rental service has all the documentation, in order to avoid subsequent problems: boat insurance, occupant insurance, Navigability Certificate, Rental Permit, Seat Sheet, and so on. The company is obliged to show you that all the documentation is active and stored on the ship. As well, the company has to guarantee a professional crew and skipper, whenever the clients require it, as well as an optimal maintenance of the boat.

Can I rent a boat if I have the licence, but not the needed experience?

Legally you could, but you should not do it. Piloting a boat is a responsibility. Your colleagues trust you and the sea can trigger some surprise by the weather changes that put your security at stake. With group outings with skipper you can acquire the necessary experience for future outings without skipper. In addition, some rental companies, even with the necessary qualifications, can demand a specific experience to rent the boat without a skipper.

Rent the boat, with or without skipper

If you have the necessary license and experience in the handling of boats it is not necessary to hire the services of a skipper. The problem arises, when you can have the necessary license, but lacks the adequate experience for it. Our recommendation is that in these cases, is to do the first trips with a skipper to be able to acquire the necessary handling for future outings without skipper, since piloting a boat is a great responsibility and at sea, the conditions can change quickly and You have to be trained to react quickly.

If you do not have a degree, the rental can be done with a skipper, where you will not have to worry about any problem, and you can fully enjoy your day at sea. In cases where a skipper is hired, the cost usually amounts to € 125 or € 150 per day of charter, maintenance costs not included.

Tips to keep in mind on board

It is important to consider some essential care when renting a boat, as it is mandatory to pay a deposit to rent the boat, which can range from € 500 to € 3000, depending on the type of boat, so the misuse of the boat can penalize us severely when returning the deposit.

It is essential to be very careful during anchoring manoeuvres, especially on beaches or coves with a large influx of boats, when it is time to moor in the harbour, since any carelessness can cause damage to the hull or engine.

If boats are rented with a bath, it is important not to throw any type of paper or cotton that may clog it. In the same way, we have to be aware of the water consume in the boat, since it is a scarce resource that we must control. Also be very careful with the consumption we make of the batteries, and not leave appliances or lights on that are not necessary, since it would be a big problem to run out of energy , especially if we are anchoring outside the port.